The competition seeks to create a fantastic light show that involves reconnects the Port of Haifa to the city and makes use of the unique geographic situation: The city of Haifa stretches from the shores to the top of the Carmel mountain some 525m above sea level. The famous Louis Promenade on top of the Carmel mountains offers a marvelous and unique view of the Bay of Haifa and beyond. This competition therefore asks for proposals of a steady light show both to be enjoyed from this promenade, but also from the port itself.   




to be seen from all over the Carmel mountain, mainly from the Louis Promenade (viewing distance 2km). Each evening (except of Friday evening) an 5-15-minute repeating light show will be entertaining the audience in short intervals. The light show shall be visually big (min. 3 km wide, 1km high).
On Saturday, the show starts half an hour after Shabbat.

view from Louis Promenade towards port and Haifa bay




A close-up experience, to be seen from the Area of Hangar 15, at Haifa Port (viewing distance 50m). This show shall be deemed exchangeable and be a place for changing light works. This close-up experience (B) shall be integrated into the long-distance experience (A), but also possibly working independently.

view from Hangar 15 towards the sea

Competition Generals:

BUDGET: 13,000,000 NIS  (roughly 3,1 Mio Euro)

COMPETITION TYPE:  non-anonymous, open, free, 2-stage competition

ELIGIBILITY: every professional in the field of design or planning with extended experience in this field experience of design and/or execution of at least 3 projects for audiences of more than 800 people

REWARDS: After Stage 01, 3 proposals will be chosen for detailed design.

All 3 proposals shall be rewarded each 80,000 NIS (roughly 19,000 Euro) for the extended design work.

The winner of Stage 02 shall be commissioned with the implementation of the project


SUBMISSION: completely online, at submittable (link here)



Downloading the call:

Visual Description


Additional Material 

(Google Drive)

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